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Unified Consciousness




6 (Zenito Sector)


5.9 Billion (Zenito Sector)

Though borne from the LMC super power of Nacio, Zenito bears little resemblance to its mother nation; with little regard for monetary value, and a complete disregard for individualism. Nevertheless, Zenito stil retains Nacio's preference for peak fighter technology, and lack of large scale vessels.

The Nacio/Zenito schism erupted when those who would later form Zenito embraced the ideal that true peace could only acquired when all of a nation's citizens were united under a single mind. Thus the Zenitoan unified consensus was born. Nacio disagreed with this notion, citing that it stifled humanity's free will, which ultimately culminated in Zenito's departure. Its is unclear if the split was hostile or otherwise.


Zenito boasts a healthy array of fighters, the most of any nation present in the game. Interesting to note, however, is their lack of carrier blueprints.

Though their lack of vessels, and even trained personnel may seem a debiltating factor for their military, Zenito proves otherwise through their use of the incredibly advanced warfare technology, the Neural Operating System. (NOS) With NOS active, an entire fleet can be coordinated with as much staff as it would take to pilot a normal battleship, through the system's linking of the soldiers' consciousness into a single unit; allowing for tactics and maneuvers to be executed instantly, and in perfect sync.

Notable Personnel:Edit

  • General Rubriko: A master strategist, he proves to be an unnaturally relentless enemy as soon as the party enters the region.
  • Georgo: A well-mannered soldier who is rescued by Yuri and company after a skirmish with Rubriko. After the initialy trauma of being severed from the Zenito unified consesnus, he becomes a steadfast and loyal ally.




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  • Most of the nations in Infinite Space have naming conventions that seem to have analogues in real life. Zenito is unique however, like its parent nation Nacio and cousin Nova Nacio, in that there is no direct relation, although the country's name is Epseranto for "Zenith."
  • Zenito's concept of unified consensus and physical appearence bears a slight resemble to the Borg from the Star Trek series. But unlike the Borg, who wish to atain perfection by assimilate all life, Zentio have no desire to do so.