• Enexia Stenrreil

    Okay, here we go.

    This is what happens: I was trying to change the title of Enemonzo (ship) to capitalize the "S" of "ship". I admit it, I was not sure at all about what I was doing and ended up renaming the "Enemonzo (ship)" page to "Infinite Space Wiki:Enemonzo (Ship) ". Of course, I was scared, and I tried to fix it but I just messed it more...

    What I want to do: While trying to fix the mess I've made, I created a separate page, "Enemonzo (Ship)" (not to be confused with "Enemonzo (ship)". The "S" is capitalized). I need to delete that page to move "Infinite Space Wiki:Enemonzo (Ship)" to "Enemonzo (Ship)", but I can't delete pages, so I need someone with page deletion rights to do it for me.

    Now, I want to clarify some things:

    1.- I was lo…

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