The 1st Period (1st to 22nd Century):Edit

  • The golden age of space exploration (by mankind).
  • Exploration beyond Jupiter becomes ever frequent.
  • Development of numerous full-scale spaceports.
  • Regional battles on Earth raise concerns of global war.
  • The first space war.
  • Breakthrough of nanotechnology.
  • Politics in space colonies become a greater factor than what is decided on Earth.
  • Digitalization of the human consciousness.
  • Malfunctions related to AI operated spaceships reach its peak.
  • Activities of exploration increases at the frontier of the solar system (Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud).
  • Evidence of an ancient life form (not from Earth) identified on a satellite near Jupiter.
  • Population of Moon reaches the 10 million mark.
  • One million people travel to space for leisure on a annual basis.
  • Millions migrate to Mars (earliest years of terra-formation technology).
  • First flight of an auto-controlled spaceship featuring a nuclear pulse propulsion system.
  • An elevator that connects the ground (on the equator) to a geostationary orbit located above the Earth makes its debut.

The 2nd Period (23rd to 24th Century):Edit

Windless Age:Edit

About Ten Thousand Years (25th to 125th Century est.):Edit

  • Use of Gravity Well becomes commonplace.
  • Forty thousand ships leave Earth in the midst of Project MAYA.
  • Boom of Cybernex technology.
  • Population decreases as fertility rate drops to an alarming rate.
  • Majority of the spaceships and colonies of the time are ruined and lost. Survivors are forced to wander aimlessly for decades until a liveable planet is discovered.
  • End of Cybernex civilization.

Civilization of the Magellan Galaxy:Edit

Large Magellan Era (0):Edit

Large Magellan Era (420):Edit

  • Expedition to find new starlines in the Large Magellanic Cloud begins.
  • Technology to extract energy from the Starburst Sector is developed.

Large Magellan Era (1220):Edit

  • Discovery and colonization of the Escondido Sector.
  • Discovery of the Dead Gate.
  • An Epitaph is discovered for the first time by the people of this time period at Escondido Sector.

The Great Expansion:Edit

Large Magellan Era (1500):Edit

  • The Dead Gate is proven to be used as a Void Gate to travel (preform a Gate Jump) to distant sectors in space.
  • Discovery of the Enemonzo Sector achieved by the use of void gates.
  • Enemonzo establishes itself as an autonomous territory.
  • Countless voyagers seek new gates and territories to explore.
  • It is during this time that the first pioneers of Zero-G Dogs are recognized.
  • Establishment of the CTA (Cosmic Trade Authority), which immensely helps the activities of the Zero-G Dogs.

Large Magellan Era (1560):Edit

  • Discovery and colonization of Nacio Sector, followed by discovery of other sectors (Regeinland, Zenito, etc.)
  • Immigration ship finds its way into the Small Magellanic Cloud and discovers the Elgava Sector, which becomes the cornerstone of a new civilization.

Colonial Period:Edit

Large Magellan Era (1560):Edit

  • Extensive research is conducted to acquire knowledge on how the predecessors travelled through space.
  • The planet Zvenigorod becomes Elgava's capital.

Large Magellan Era (1700):Edit

  • The Elgavanians employ more ships to search and gain control of nearby areas.
  • Establishment of the CTA within the Small Magellanic Cloud.

Large Magellan Era (1870):Edit

Large Magellan Era (1880):Edit

  • Discovery of Void Gate within the Small Magellanic Cloud near the planet Lutsk.

Large Magellan Era (1885):Edit

  • The Space Pioneering Law which permits the person who first discovers a new planet to own and govern as their own property.

Large Magellan Era (1940):Edit

  • Political reforms in Adis transforms the country into a new nation of Adisism.
  • Religious movement of Adisism increases its power.

Large Magellan Era (1960):Edit

Large Magellan Era (1970):Edit

Large Magellan Era (2000):Edit

Large Magellan Era (2120):Edit

Large Magellan Era (2121):Edit

  • Declaration of independence made by Kalymnos.

Large Magellan Era (2300):Edit

  • Struggle for leadership within the Nacio Sector between Enemonzo and Regeinland leads to numerous conflicts.
  • The Second Magellanic War.

Large Magellan Era (2350):Edit

  • Enemonzo increases allies to defeat Regeinland to end the Second Magellanic War.
  • Discovery of the Magallenic Stream.

Large Magellan Era (2462):Edit

  • Nacio sector loses 2/3 of its planets by a supernova outburst.
  • Migration to Nova Nacio begins.

Large Magellan Era (2550+):Edit

  • Present; The events of Infinite Space.
  • Fall of Demid Panfilov of Ropesk
  • Fall of Novogrod Pirates of Elgava
  • Fall of Cadmus II of Spetses
  • Irvest War, territorial disputes between Kalymnos and Nova Nacio
  • Lugovalian conquest of the SMC


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