Beginning Strategy Edit

In the beginning of the game, it is best to follow the storyline to gain as much money as possible. The main place where a change of strategy is required is in the first major split, the war over the SMC

The First Split Edit

During the game, the story takes a major split when you have the choice to either join the Nova Nacions or the Kalymnians. A this point, if done correctly, you should be able to control 3 ships. You should have one ship as a tank that has high armor and hull, that is at the front of your fleet to absorb most of the blows. You should have your flagship at the back out of danger, and have it a ship outfitted so your control bar fills up as fast as possible. In the middle you should have a medium ship with fighters capabilities, and also have considerable hull and armor.

Yuri the Man Edit

After you escape the prison with your ships, try your best to buy or collect as many ship blueprints as possible, because your ships are now outdated and weak, no matter how strong they were in the past. Follow a similar strategy as during the split, but with the new ship capabilities you will get, create more tanks to sit up front to protect the others. I suggest the Pelayo, due to its incredibly strong rail guns along with its amazing shield and hull.

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