Discovered and developed by the tyrannical dictator Demid Panfilov, Ropesk is a small, rural autonomous dominion of Elgava with the unique principle that none of its citizens are allowed to travel into space. Though its date of birth is unknown, given Panfilov's age and the state of its development, Ropesk is most likely a younger country, only a few decades old. Its is the home system to the protagonist Yuri, and his sister Kira.


Being a small and economically depleted nation, Ropesk predictably has little in the way of military force, and most of its employed vessels are either junkers or low quality frigates. That being said, the Ropesk Security Service (RSS) maintains a strict grasp over its territory and is surprisingly well organized. The RSS is divided into several divisions as follows:

  • Security Patrol: Tasked with enforcing the various laws within the nation's borders.
  • Gate Guard: Tasked with guarding the Void Gate.
  • Panfilov Guard: Tasked with defending the nation's feudal lord, Demid Panfilov.


Ropesk is ruled by its founder and feudal lord, Demid Panfilov, who ensures control through strict laws and regulations including the ban on space travel to his citizens, imprisoning them on their respective planets. In an era built upon the foundations of space exploration, this is a surprising and rare occurance, though it shares similar ideology with the teachings of Adisism.

It is implied that there are no other means of political outlets, neither a unified council nor planet specific leaders, with Panfilov as the sole figure of government.


With the ban enforced against space travel and the general look of disrepair pervading the system, it is safe to assume Ropesk's economy is in severe decline, with only the base necessities imparted to its citizens.

Notable Planets and Sectors:Edit



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