A superpower in the Large Magellenic Cloud. Whose power is said to even rival that of the Galactic Federation. Regeinland is apparently a constitutional monarchy, as references are made to Regeinland having a king and a royal fleet, however it is also referred to as a republic. Regeinland's capital is on the planet of Ambach.


The nation of Reigenland began colonization just under 1000 years prior to the start of the game.

During the First Magellanic War (1960-2000), it sided with Enemonzo to allow space travel to continue, which Adis had outlawed. Enemonzo and allies won the war, pushing Adis back to its current territory.

Reigenland and Enemonzo then began to argue over who should control the Naio sector. Though it is unknown what each nation argued for, it is suspected that Reigenland argued for its autonomy, as the two nations are long standing allies. These arguements broke out into full scale wars. One of these wars were known as the Second Straits War. During the Second Strait War, Regeinland was on the losing side.

Another of these wars was the Second Magelleanic War (2300-2350). Initially, it seems likely that Reigenland was winning the war, as Enemonzo had to bring in additional allies, most likely Libertas and Zenito, to defeat Reigenland.

This war is most likely responsible for the positions of the embassy's at the Galactic Federation. The winners led by Enemonzo recieved closer planets, while the losers got the planets further out.


The military is divided into several sections. Some of the known divisions are the Heavy Artillery, the Dragoons, and the Royal Fleet.

Notable officers include:

  • Vice Admiral Luitger Sankt - A High ranking officer, Sankt possess a direct, calm approach to all things in life and is very acommodating to the party upon their first visit, despite being pirates and prison escapees.
  • Rear Admiral Franz Beyer - One of regeinland's top fleet commanders.
  • Captain Bastian Schneizer - A young and accomplished officer who befriends the party during the Kalymnos/Nova Nacion war, and one of the few people who understands the Lugovalian threat.
  • Captain Helmine Baum - A Captain who distinguished herself as a fleet commander.
  • Lord Roth (aka Hartwig) - An ace commander of the royal fleet. He pilots the Kreusser, given to him by the king himself. Roth is ranked in the top 100 zero-g dogs, and popular with the ladies. He is often chastised by Baecker and called strange by other characters.
  • Nele Baecker - An old friend of Roth's from the academy. She is his adjudant, and claims it is simply because he would get into too much trouble without her.








  • Most of the nations in Infinite Space have naming conventions that seem to have analogues in real life. Regeinland appears to be based off of Germany.
  • According to the bartender on Zeippern, Regeinland employs a doctrine known as the "Regeinlandic Code," with one of the passages being "The true path to righteousness is the strong striving to unselfishly help the weak." Which mandates that, should a weaker country ask for aid, Regeinland is obligated to send assitance. This has made Regeinland a popular nation, but expended much of its economy; something many Regeinlanders aren't happy with.

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