Achieve notoriety Rank 10. 278000 credits.

In-game description.Edit

With an outline like the bones of an animal, this is the ship of brutally cruel and terrifying pirates. Fighters are launched from the from spaces around the hull.

Ship stats.Edit

Class: Battleship.

  • Anti-Air: 43
  • Anti-Ship: 90
  • Cruise Speed: 144
  • Battle Speed: 148
  • Mobility:: 32
  • Armor: 110
  • Durability: 10960
  • Attack Range: 20000
  • Crew Required: 1700
  • Crew Currently: 1260
  • Customizable Weapons: 5/5: XL,L,M,M,S
  • Module Space: 90 (8 bridge, 9 engine, 9 catapult)
  • Fighter Capacity: Yes.
  • Special: None.


Due to its high module space, (Highest in the game, tied with the Junkyard) stats, and full fighter capacity, the Picaroon is hailed as the premier end-game carrier and best multi-purpose vessel. It lacks a special ability however, and is hence not used as a flagship by most, and its high cost and unlock requirements may prove too challenging for more casual players. Nevertheless, it remains a fan-favourite and rightly so.

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