The most popularly used battleship in Kalymnos, the Pallas is an all around decent ship with an excellent design. but now the Pallas has become outdated, many are starting to make the switch to the Ianthe.

The Pallas has a total of 63 modification slots arranged in four sub-sections (11, 7, 18, 27). The bridge and engine areas are located in the aft-most section, and the required placement areas take up 6 and 8 slots respectively.

By default, the Pallas comes with 6 x Crew Cabin Lv.01, 1 x ELGV Bridge Lv.01, and 1 x Engine Room Lv.01.

Pallas Class
Pallas stats
Pallas's shipyard info




840 meters

Ship Class

[BB] Battleship

Crew Capacity


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