A super power in the Large Magellenic Cloud, Nacio has enjoyed a prosperous culture founded on monetary wealth and advanced fighter technology. It has suffered however, numerous moments of strife, such as the Nacio/Zenito schism, supernova fallout, and political stigma.

Second Straits War:Edit

During the Second Straits War (2300-2350), Nacio allied itself with Regeinland against Libertas and Enemonzo in a bid for LMC supremacy. The two nations lost this war however, and as a result, their embassies in Galactic Federation were located far away from the capital, as the victors were given favourable planets closer to the core.

The Schism:Edit

During their early history, Nacio and Zenito were once the same nation, but Zenito eventually seceded due to disputes regarding the ethical use of technology; with Zenito believing in integrating synthetic systems into human beings, creating cyborgs with a unified consciousness.

Birth of a New Nation:Edit

At an undetermined point, a supernova detonated within Nacion controlled territory, forcing a large number of Nacions to migrate to the Small Magellanic Cloud, forming the nation of Nova Nacio.


Nacio has a King, who also serves as the prime minister. This suggests a political system similar to a constitutional monarchy.


A large shipbuilding company, called Kompasso Corporation, is the largest industry from Nacio. Kompasso rivals the Orsino Fondation for dominance. It is likely that Kompasso became the top company after the war with Lugavos.


Nacio is renowned for its fighter technology, and the powerful Carriers that supply them. This focus as had a "Double-Edged" effect on their combat potential; allowing them to strike quickly and from many directions simultaneously, but leaving their primary warships under armoured/armed and vulnerable to enemy fire.







Mobile WeaponsEdit


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  • Most of the nations in Infinite Space have naming conventions that seem to have analogues in real life. Nacio is unique however, like its offspring nations Nova Nacio and Zenito in that there is no direct relation, although the country's name is Esperanto for "Nation."
  • Nacio is the only major nation that the player cannot travel to.

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