Achieve notoriety Rank 30. 72300 credits.

In-game description.Edit

The personal warship of the pirate Celina Sioufas. Its main battery laser accelerators have several times the power of ordinary laser cannons. Its "black lapulus" armor is made from a black body mineral, resulting in high stealth capabilities.

Ship stats.Edit

Class: Battleship.

  • Anti-Air: 30
  • Anti-Ship: 62
  • Cruise Speed: 143
  • Battle Speed: 150
  • Mobility:: 45
  • Armor: 84
  • Durability: 6540
  • Attack Range: 18000
  • Crew Required: 600
  • Crew Currently: 480
  • Customizable Weapons: 4/5: L,M,M,S,l
  • Module Space: 60 (9 bridge, 9 engine)
  • Fighter Capacity: No.
  • Special: Laser Accelerator Cannon.


Flagship of the infamous pirate captain Celina Sioufas, the Lykourgos proves to be a powerful vessel with its hight mobility, speed, module space, and in contrast to similar late game ships, low cost and aquisition requirements. Though it lacks fighter capacity, its special, the Laser Accelerator, functions very similarly to the Corsair's High Stream Blaster; enabling the Lykourgos to hide in the back row and snipe targets from a distance. A fine ship for its price, it may prove to be too straight forward in its design for some, but its value cannot be undermined.

Interesting to note is that in-game, the Lyrkourgos boasts a special armor coating referred to as "Black Lapulus" which enables the vessel to absorb all light sources and become invisible, yet the vessel herself is red.

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