Ch2-2 - karlofull
Starting Stats
Leadership 7 Science 11
Control 11 Piloting 10
Navigation 10 Medicine 7
Artillery 11 Management 7
Maintenance 16 Combat 9
Karlo Efimov

Database Summary

The son of the former president of the weapons company, Efimov, Inc., on the planet Perekop. The company was acquired by the Novgorad Pirates in a hostile takeover, and now Karlo hides away on the planet Klaipeda. He was in the middle of developing weapons and modules to get his revenge on the Novgorod Pirates when he first met Yuri.





Chapter 2 -Efimov- Talk to Weapons Employee next, Klaipeda- Tavern talk to bartender to unlock Karlo's house, enter his house and speak to him answering Yes.



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