Galactic Federation

Galactic FederationEdit

The Galactic Federation is a governmental body that had control over three-fourths of the Large Magellanic Cloud, composed of 57 member nations. It appears to be more of a union, with nations allowed to do more or less what they please.

Known members Edit

  1. Libertas
  2. Regeinland
  3. Nacio
  4. Enemonzo
  5. Zenito

Potential membersEdit

  1. Escondio
  2. Xeos Belt Union


The Galactic Federation is split into 2 main chambers, the Planetary Assembly and the Interplanetary Assembly. Libertas has complete control of the planetary, while the other nations share the other; they must have struck an agreement to do most things. There is a central agency that looks into matter between the Nations that operates under the Galactic Federation.

It seems that there is some form of military agreement between the nations, as certain nations are assigned to patrol Quadrants of Galactic Space. So far, only two are known, one of which is the Alpha Quadrant.


It is likely that the Federation was founded after the Second Straits War, as nations were assigned planets to act as embassy's after the War, with the closer planets going to the victors, while the losers were forced to have those further away. Also the way in which it is constructed suggests that Libertas was the largest player in its formation, due to a number of factors.

  1. The embassy planets are owned by Libertas
  2. The Galactic Federation uses Libertas Ships in diplomatic missions
  3. Libertas has an entire assembly to itself, while other nations must share one.

At some point in its early history, relations with the Holy Nation of Adis soured, as such the two groups are constantly on guard, with both nations having a military presence on the border, called the Wolf-Rayet Line.

Composed of 57 nations, 56 after Libertas "totally destroyed" Tolmes after a border dispute they instigated.

Important PeopleEdit

  • President Brian: Leader of the Galactic Federation, but seems to have limited power over its actions.
  • Lennox: Similar to Fomich. Also investigates a Void Gate accident, thus leaving an absence at his normal post and gets captured by the notorious Bad to the Bone Pirates,then got saved by Yuri,whom has newly broken Thomas' cover.
  • Weimar: A representative allied with Yuri's(man) cause.
  • Norton:An admirable officer in the Libertan navy.
  • Brian:An admirable officer in the Libertan navy.
  • Kitson:Killed in fight with Yuri, who can choose to bring his superior.
  • Chairman Evans:killed in fight with Yuri,using his Taurus.
  • Zanetti: Killed by his son,Gino (you MUST have chosen the Lavena Route for him to kill his father and be part of your crew.)