Warning: This page contains major endgame spoilers.

The Elite Phage is a massive battleship of the "Guardian" class. It protects the True Void Gate and serves as the game's final boss. It is shaped like an enormous, thin rectangle oriented vertically, and it easily fills the entire screen when viewed directly. Pixel measurements would suggest that its length along its long axis is around 10 km, by far the largest vessel in the game. Covered with gun ports, it looks like a long, thin, flying fortress. In addition to its formidable array of conventional weapons, it also has a special cannon that will instantly annihilate any ship that fails to dodge it.

Yuri's fleet battles and destroys this massive ship, buying Taranis enough time to assault the Dyson Sphere.

Other than serving as the final boss, the Elite Phage does not make any other appearances in the story. If it does have crew or a commanding officer, they do not communicate in any way with Yuri.

Ambiguously canon appearances Edit

Several Elite Phages appear in the third promotional anime short when Yuri's ship inadvertently enters the Flux.

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