Achieve notoriety Rank 20. 47900 credits.

In-game description.Edit

The latest mobile carrier, redesigned by the Nacio National Defense Space Force to counter the Lugovalian Empire. Built to be its ultimate weapon, it incorporates all the latest Nacion Technology.

Ship Stats.Edit

Class: Carrier.

  • Anti-Air: 25
  • Anti-Ship: 25
  • Cruise Speed: 134
  • Battle Speed: 144
  • Mobility:: 40
  • Armor: 65
  • Durability: 2740
  • Attack Range: 14000
  • Crew Required: 800
  • Crew Currently: 700
  • Customizable Weapons: 4/4: L,M,M,S
  • Module Space: 69 (9 bridge, 9 engine, 6 catapult)
  • Fighter Capacity: Yes.
  • Special: Gravity Catapult.


With its high stats (Its mobility among the highest in the game) full fighter capacity, and the superb Gravity Catapult ability, the Eleganta is considered by many to be the best Carrier Class ship in the game. Gravity Catapult allows for an Eleganta Flagship to project its fighters at twice the normal speed, allowing for a preemptive attack, locking the enemy in place. Definitely an end-game vessel, its cost and unlock requirements may inspire players to select more feasible models, such as the cost effective Eberlin or Jansitch.

The Eleganta, a Nacion vessel, shares its country's naming conventions; its name is Esperanto for "Elegant."

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