The Command Gauge shows the amount of command energy available during battle. Each command issued during battle has a command energy cost associated with it that depletes the Command Gauge. Command energy gradually restores itself over time, replenishing the Command Gauge.

The gauge charges up through three distinct, coloered zones: green, yellow and red. The colors on the gauge correspond to the colors of the commands on the control panel. When the Command Gauge fills up to the green zone, green color commands can be used. When the Command Gauge reaches the yellow zone, yellow color commands can be used. And when the gauge charges up to the red zone, red colored command can be used.

The basic commands avaliable at the start of the game are Foward/Back, Standby, Dodge, Normal (Attack), and Barrage (3x Normal Attacks). 4 other Commands are unlocked during gameplay. These are AA (Anti-Air), Fighters, Melee, and Final Roar.

The specific gauge requirements for these basic commands are below. The color given is the Gauge level needed to activate, and percentages is the amount used if the Gauge is fully charged.

Command Gauge Requirement
Foward/Back No Requirement
Standby No Requirement
Dodge Green (1/3)
Normal Attack Yellow (1/3)
Barrage Red (2/3)
AA (Anti-Air) Yellow (2/3)
(Launch) Fighters Yellow (2/3)
Final Roar* Red (4/5)
  • Final Roar is a Special Command, but as it is unlocked during normal gameplay it is listed here.

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